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Jon Deaves

Software Developer

My setup

This is the hardware, comforts and technologies that I use.

My desk setup at the moment is very much in flux as we work through our shipment of belongings from the UK, so I will try to detail what I have and what I am planning. To start with here is a photo showing the setup I used before leaving the UK.

The majority of my physical setup is as follows;

These are the programs and tools I regularly use while working on both my Mac and PC.




  • Lychee Slicer
    • I got my wife a 3D printer as an engagement gift, this program is a nice and simple way of making sure the 3D files are suitable for our printer

Some of the services and other resources I make use of that are not strictly software packages.

This was inspired by the person who made nownownow, see Derek Sivers page.