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Jon Deaves

Software Developer

I'm an experienced developer specialising in interactive web applications and I take pride in creating modern, responsive and progressive user experiences.

Recent experience

Software Engineer

WebflowSeptember 2021 February 2023
  • Worked mainly with React and CSS-in-JS supported by Jest, Cypress and BuildKite
  • My work initially focused on the Audit panel and default element accessibility, which helps users ensure the sites they build can meet various accessibility requirements
  • As part of the Productivity team, my work on automating our accessibility testing helped educate engineers on building accessible by default
  • I also had the opportunity to assist the design system team. Helping to build and update design system components with a particular focus on accessibility

Senior Software Engineer

FanDuelMay 2018 August 2021
  • Worked mainly with React, Redux and CSS-in-JS supported by Jest, Cypress and BuildKite
  • Worked as part of a scrum team to build and maintain Deposit and Withdrawal pages
  • Led a team of engineers, from intern to lead engineer, who worked across the account and wallet screens

** Further experience is continued below.

Core skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • TS
  • NodeJS
  • React


These are technologies or skills that I work with in my own time and therefore likely don't have commercial experience with.


I'm currently learning the NextJS framework through several projects; including a re-write of my website.


I have built several Flutter apps as learning experiences, including an app to organize Table Tennis leagues.

UI Developer

DeepMatterJanuary 2018 May 2018
  • Worked with React as part of a multi-disciplined scrum team
  • Took ownership of improvements to code quality and consistency for the web team
  • Created and maintained the CI pipelines for web and backend

UI Developer

CGI UKJanuary 2016 January 2018
  • Worked with HTML, CSS, NodeJS and Handlebars as part of a multi-disciplined scrum team
  • Developed the online jury response system for England and Wales ensuring strict adherence to the GDS Guidelines while using the publicly available design system
  • Developed a detailed suite of end-to-end tests which made use of Cucumber to translate business requirements into test steps

Web Developer

EveryoneFebruary 2015 January 2016
  • Worked with HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL
  • Develop and maintain client websites
  • Worked closely with the design team to implement pixel-perfect, modern and performant web experiences

Web Developer

ArquilaMay 2013 February 2015

** Company was renamed Binary Technologies sometime after my departure

  • Worked with HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL
  • Worked as part of a small feature development team building business management software for small to medium businesses

Web Developer

SuperControlDecember 2011 May 2013
  • Worked with Classic ASP and PrototypeJS as part of a small feature development team
  • Built new features and integrations to the existing self-catering management system
  • Built client websites, often integrated tightly with the SuperControl system