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Jon Deaves

Software Developer


as in nownownow

This is me within a point in time, as best I can summarise myself.

Me time

  • In October 2022 I married my now wife
  • In November 2022 my family and I moved to Ontario, Canada
    • Moving was very stressful and not quite finished as we await our shipment of belongings
    • We are near Toronto and enjoying the chance to explore new areas, visiting small towns most weekends


  • Health & wellness has taken a bit of a back seat in favour of the move, so need to re-focus on that
  • Still learning to drive
    • Wasn't quite ready before leaving the UK
    • I have my learner's permit (G1 in Ontario) and working through the approved training materials in our new country.

Coding time



  • Lost the gym that I was a member of for years due to the move, but gained a gym in my apartment building
  • Instead of 1:1 training, I get 3 days' worth of workouts to do in the week from my PT


  • Get comfortable with the new routine
  • Start walking further, or take the dog to a bigger park for exercise
  • Decide on some hobbies, my options are;
    • Could go back to Rollerderby, I have purchased new safety equipment in preparation for this
    • Could stick to regular roller-skating at rinks
    • Join an Archery club
    • More regular bouldering sessions
    • Learn to ice skate

This page was last updated on 20th February 2023.